I live in North Queensland in Australia in a city called Townsville (I know it's the worst name ever, it is named after Robert Towns). I started my career as a software developer 20 years ago, and overtime moved through various technical roles before eventually moving entirely away from the coding part of the business. I have never stopped writing code for 'fun' and recently decided that I wanted to return to writing code for a living.

My first role as a programmer was with IAG, writing COBOL and supporting their automated renewal system. From there, I moved onto a JAVA team, maintaining their online payment website built using the Spring Framework. The next move was onto a project team developing a single customer view that sat on top of their many mainframes using C# .NET.

From these development roles, I moved through a series of BA and Team Lead positions while I completed my MBA at the AGSM (UNSW). After finishing the MBA, I moved to an internal consultant role at CommBank before joining ASG as a Management Consultant.

While working in the mining sector in North Queensland, the founder of Osmotion, a small software company with products focussed on people logistics, asked if I would join as an equity partner and help grow the business. Over the next five years, I worked as the Managing Director before we sold the company.

Following the sale of the business, I have been working as an independent consultant performing technical due diligence reports for Leap Capital and helping BRC Capital assess technology, team design and roadmaps for their portfolio businesses.

At the beginning of 2017, I came across Elixir. I attended the ElixirConf in Seattle in 2017 and 2018 and have been writing personal projects using Elixir with Phoenix ever since. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning functional programming and Elixir specifically, and my goal now is to return to a development role using Elixir.